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Spa Skin and Beauty

Jun 16, 2020

Welcome to Spa Skin and Beauty podcast formerly known as The Lindsey Holder Show. Today we are explaining Facial Acupuncture with Dr. Marina Ponton. Have you ever thought about facial acupuncture? Did you know it can help with premature wrinkles, existing wrinkles, and even scarring? You may just be a few sticks away (pun intended) from improved skin, all in a natural, organic way. 

This is a very special episode, as I started my Esthetics career with Dr. Marina, as her lead Esthetician. I am to this day so grateful for everything I learned from working in her practice, both in the Esthetics industry but also in business. She is an incredible businesswoman as well as a practitioner. It is rare that you can call one of your former leaders one of your best friends. That is a testament to the type of person she is: caring, generous, I think she's brilliant and an overall amazing friend. 

A little bit about Dr. Marina Ponton -she has been a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine in private practice since 1998. Her practice focuses on helping others achieve and maintain their optimal health through acupuncture, functional medicine, herbs, supplements, and nutrition. Dr. Marina’s belief in healing the body through natural methods has led her to practice and lecture in the United States, Sweden, and Holland. She has studied at the American University of Paris, FAMU University in Prague, University of Miami, Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, and Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Marina has a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with a specialization in women’s health and longevity medicine.

Dr. Marina is an exceptionally talented natural health practitioner and well-recognized lecturer who is passionate about educating clients on the importance of incorporating natural health modalities into their everyday life. Some of her specialties include pain management, women’s health, and fertility, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue (ME), environmental diseases, and mental and emotional disorders. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. 

So let's get started on today's episode, dedicated to Facial Acupuncture, and learn from Dr. Marina how this procedure can do wonders for your skin.

Show Highlights:

  • What is the history of Facial acupuncture and when did it become popular?
  • What exactly is facial acupuncture doing?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the contraindications (who can NOT get facial acupuncture:)
  • How many needles are going into the face? So let's talk about the needles-how big are they?
  • How is it different from micro-needling?
  • Does it hurt?
  • What happens if you have more? 
  • How long does it stay in our system?
  • How long does the treatment last?
  • How often should you get treatments to get results?
  • How does it actually work?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Can you get this done along with facials? Peels? Hydra facials? Skin pen?
  •  Is there anything you should not use before getting this treatment? For example, stop using retinoids a week prior?
  • What is the after skin routine after the treatment? Are you able to go back to work or is it better if you receive the treatment in the evening?

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With over a decade of experience being both a licensed esthetician and owning her own spa with her skin obsessed sis and researcher Ashley working right beside her! Let’s listen to these sisters' thoughts, facts, opinions, and  advice on skincare and ways to optimize your health!

Dr. Marina Ponton Links:

Instagram: @drmarinagvl


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