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Spa Skin and Beauty

Aug 4, 2020

As an Esthetician, I am treating the skin on a daily basis. I also airbrush tan, which allows me to see my client’s backs. And in the summertime, I definitely see more cases of” bacne” than other seasons. 

Let’s talk bacne! In this episode, learn more about the causes of back acne, understand it, and the easy steps you can take to treat that bacne and get ready for smooth, clear, and glowy backs! Also, learn two of my MUST have fav tips and tools to keep in your beauty cabinet to keep your bacne at bay! 

What exactly is bacne?  Well, it’s basically acne on your back. I admit I even get breakouts, especially during the hot summer time-especially when I walk or do summertime activities. Acne itself is a nice little combo of inflammation in your skin, high oil levels, acne-causing bacteria, and little sticky skin cells within your follicles blocking oil from freely flowing out. Of course, we know multiple factors can also cause acne including genetics, hormones, medication side effects, stress and diet. 

A lot of us are actually more prone to breakout on our backs (I know I am) due to excess dead skin cells and overactive oil glands. 

Did you know that the skin on our backs is extremely thick? That means it is easier to get blocked pores there than other places on our bodies. 

Also, it is very interesting to find out we have MORE sebaceous (aka oil) glands on our upper half of the body than the lower half. Hello there to more blocked pores. 

Show Highlights: Ok, so now let’s get to a few ways to treat:

  1. Why you need to book a back facial with an Esthetician
  2. Change out of your sweaty workout clothes as soon as possible. Carry body wipes with you and remove the sweat as soon as you are done with your work out session. Use a fresh pair of clothes for each workout, sports bra, and all.
  3. Start reading your hair products like your skin products. Look for the bottle to read non-comedogenic, oil-free, and if you're really lucky-won’t clog pores. Your hair conditioner running down your back can easily contribute to disturbing your pores.
  4. Use Salicylic. I love Glo’s Clear body spray as it’s super easy for me to spritz my back (with a little stretch!) and let the product go to work. I typically spray it on after I take my shower, while my skin is still damp to allow the product to go deeper into my skin. It really has worked so well for my clients. You can also spray these on other body areas that are breaking out-such as your shoulder and chest area.  I offer this product at my spa so if interested feel free to DM me at lindseyrholder and I would be happy to ship it to you! You can also look for body washes that contain salicylic acid to get the process going. 
  5. Exfoliate: I love using a silicone back scrubber for our hard to reach back area. Silicone resists bacteria and is very easy to clean. The last thing you want is for your body scrubber to harbor bacteria, so that is my preferred material. You can easily get these on Amazon and they are very affordable. This is the one I use linked here..
  6. High frequency: Ok, let’s kill this bacteria. One of my favorite recommendations as a combo to using the clear body spray is to use a high frequency wand (the one I use linked here)  two to three times weekly. High frequency is amazing and if you come to me as a client you’ll notice this is one of the skincare tools I like for you to have. The action of this tool’s current is THERMAL, which means heat-producing and Oxygen. This is an excellent combo for killing acne bacteria UNDER the skin, even for the most stubborn cystic acne. You’ll notice the modality of the device turns colors when you turn it on. When applied to the skin, it immediately releases argon gas while producing a small electric current, killing the bacteria. Bonuses using high frequency are that they also reduce redness and calms inflammation.
  7. Wash your sheets: Don’t underestimate the power of clean sheets and clean detergents! A lot of us sweat in our sleep, so having breathable and moisture-wicking sheets are important. Also, look for hypoallergenic sheets in order to prevent bacterial growth. When you sleep, dirt and oil are transferred from your skin to your sheets. I change my sheets weekly on my favorite pillow ever, but if having flare-ups, add in one extra change. 
  8. Check your sunscreen. Make sure to look for an oil-free and light sunscreen that lets your skin breathe. Make sure to subscribe to learn all about the different types of sunscreen and which one I prefer on a future podcast. Sunscreen is of vital importance to still use on back acne as you want to prevent possible hyperpigmentation. I go into this in Show Episode number three linked here.


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