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Spa Skin and Beauty

Apr 28, 2020

Welcome to episode ten of The Lindsey Holder Podcast! 

Want to know the secret sauce on how a Small Business owner manages it all? Well, it’s not really a's called a VA - a Virtual Assistant. 

There is NO way I could manage three business models at one time if it weren’t for my VA. I have several VA’s and one of them is the beyond talented Kate Oatway.

I found Kate through a Facebook group for Virtual Assistants and she instantly blew me away from the beginning with her communication, professionalism, and her portfolio. I knew she was a hidden rockstar and I needed her on my Virtual team! I also knew she could only take on a limited number of clients and I was one of the lucky ones, so I keep her on a retainer. 

Kate is a design and marketing expert, passionate about transforming the way bold, creative, and innovative business owners survive in a world that demands we show up, produce, and perform like never before! Whether it's supporting a solo-entrepreneur keeping them on top of all things social media, a product launch, or designing a new website to house your blog, Kate is your go-to! 

She helps entrepreneurs build dream brands through intentional digital strategy, design, and efficient implementation! 

This episode entails an inside listen on How I run my business efficiently and with ease, please welcome my Virtual Assistant Kate!

Have you ever wondered what exactly can a VA do for you? Do you need separate VA’s for different projects? How should you communicate with a VA and coordinate projects? Where do you find a VA and how to establish that trust? All of these answers and more are on the podcast. Get ready to move your business forward and take items off your plate with a VA.

Show Highlights: Find out in this episode:

  • What does a typical day for a VA look like? How many hours a day do they work?
  • How does a VA manage it all?
  • How many clients realistically can a VA manage?
  • What is a good turn around time you can expect from your VA?
  • What can a VA do for you?
  • Realistically, how many hours can a VA  work for you on an average week
  • What is the best way to communicate with your VA? Slack, e-mail, google spreadsheet, drive, FB message
  • What boundaries should you set with your VA?
  • What if your VA is not getting your creative image? How should you handle that?
  • What is the best way to find a VA?
  • Should you do a trial with a VA before hiring them?
  •  Do most VA’s want a retainer?
  • What tools and apps does Kate recommend?


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Kate is offering one complimentary Discovery call. Mention The Lindsey Holder Show to book your call and get ready for a Virtual Assistant to make your business soar. Find out how to reach Kate through our show notes in the podcast.