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Spa Skin and Beauty

Jun 13, 2023

Things I won’t buy anymore as an esthetician who has seen problems with these products and the skincare habits of my clients. I am a former spa owner and Master esthetician with over 13 years of experience.


Today, I want to help you, along with my skincare-enthusiast sister, Ashley, on what not to buy as well as what not to do so you can avoid some potential hazards in skincare. Oh! Come say hi and join our free lapree beauty community at I will also give you some of the main staples in skincare that both Ashley and I personally use every day to help our skin look younger and act younger.


Links and Resources:

Droplette Device and Capsules - They have a new 2.0 version out - code lapreebeauty20 for discount

MY HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTS found Here - Podcast 114: Things I won't buy again as an Esthetician - My alternatives

OneSkin Products - Both Ash and I use every morning and night - it REVERSES aging at the molecular level so you can look a DECADE YOUNGER.

Favorite Sunscreens that don’t use a Spray! - This is the one that Lindsey and Ashley brag about!

My Recommended Products organized into categories

Tinted Moisturizer we are loving for the summer! Prepare to Glow!

My favorite satin pillowcase

Glycolic acid wipes instead of deodorant - also use these to soften your feet! 

Find all our Discount Codes in our Free lapree community - Enjoy the Savings!

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