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Spa Skin and Beauty

Sep 12, 2023

DIY Beauty Hacks. There are so many DIY skin and DIY beauty hacks that we can do that are beneficial to our skin and health. Licensed Esthetician Lindsey and Ashley share these DIY hacks that are pretty simple yet give powerful results. We also share two DIY Beauty Hacks that are a major Fail! We tried it and nope! Funny story! We share a clean perfume company that smells so good! Join lapree beauty, our esthetician skincare membership.


Beauty Smiles, Lindsey and Ashley


Links and Resources:

17 Volt Lips - use this after sugar scrub to lips

Lip Plumper - another option to use after lip sugar scrub - code lapreebeauty15 for 15% off

Ourself Lip Volume

Clean Perfume -  discount is LAPREEBEAUTY for 10% off

Miracle Cream -  ½ c. fractionated coconut oil, the reason for fractionated is it's a lighter texture, so absorbed into the skin easily, without leaving a greasy film. 15 drops of Melaleuca oil (fancy for tea tree oil), lavender, and Frankincense, mix it up!

Mario Badescu Dupe -  2 parts tea tree oil or astringent,1 part water, Calamine lotion,2-3 inch container

Droplette Device - lapreebeauty20 for discount

Retinoids Droplette Capsules

Retinoid Cream

Retinol drops option 

Retinoid option

Hair Serum- Discount code is lapreebeauty for 20% off!


Clean Perfume

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