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Spa Skin and Beauty

Jun 2, 2020

I’m here to help YOU with your skincare needs- and that is EXACTLY what we are doing today on the show!

This Esthetician has been using Glo Skin Beauty for years now and not only does it make MY skin amazing, but it also works wonders for my spa clients as well.

Today on the show we are talking to Anne Baab, a Licensed esthetician since 2015. Anne has worked in spas, waxing boutiques, and for Dermalogica in Scottsdale, AZ. Education has always been a huge passion of hers, so training and product information are what she enjoys most about this industry. It wasn’t until Anne joined with Glo in February of 2019 that she became more interested in the makeup side, but Glo’s mineral line made it super easy to swoop in! 

So let’s jump right into the show to find out how to get YOU  that GLOWY skin you have always wanted! Please welcome Anne Baab with Glo Skin Beauty! 

Show Highlights:

  • How did GSB get started (and what’s the story behind it)?
  • What makes GSB different from other brands?
  • What are Anne’s favorite GSB products?
  • Does Glo offer any education and how-to tutorials for their customers?
  • How should we be taking care of our skin at home for those who cannot get to a spa?
  • Let’s talk about the order of products. A lot of clients get overwhelmed with how to apply and in which order. 
  •  Exfoliation. Questions I get a lot: If I’m using a Retin-A or retinoid, do I still exfoliate? How often should I exfoliate? If I”m getting peels monthly, do I exfoliate in between? Can I rotate between an enzyme and chemical exfoliation? Which one is the best for my skin type?
  • Any new products Glo has launched specifically during this skin challenging time? 
  • Favorite GSB beauty tips and tricks?


For all things Glo Skin Beauty, follow along on their social channels at:

Instagram: @gloskinbeauty

TikTok:  @gloskinbeauty (launching soon!)


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Are you wanting Glo SkinBeauty in your life? Glo is a part of my every beauty routine and keeps my skin looking amazing. I know that skincare can feel overwhelming and that is ok. IN fact, my spa can help you out! Enjoy a personalized and custom skincare protocol just for you! 

Head to and book a customized consultation. You can also call the spa at 864-404-5170 and one of my Estheticians will help design that skincare protocol for you and help bring our your natural glo soon. 

Again that is at my spa See you there!


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