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Spa Skin and Beauty

Aug 25, 2020

Between all the social media platforms, it can be a struggle to really know where to put your focus. Even though Tik Tok has been here for a minute, it seems (at least in my area) it is now just taking off and those frustrated with the challenges of growing on Instagram are now interested in what Tik Tok can offer them....

Aug 18, 2020

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well this week! I’m really excited to share some of the tools I use to keep me going on all the social platforms.


Ok, let’s face it. Apps make it easier. I use an app for about everything, and getting my social media in gear is definitely one of them. Whether I use them or my VA’s...

Aug 4, 2020

As an Esthetician, I am treating the skin on a daily basis. I also airbrush tan, which allows me to see my client’s backs. And in the summertime, I definitely see more cases of” bacne” than other seasons. 

Let’s talk bacne! In this episode, learn more about the causes of back acne, understand it, and the easy...