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Spa Skin and Beauty

Nov 5, 2020

While I was taking a class at the Chamber of Commerce about LinkedIn, I met this sharp, straight to the point business lady. She did a presentation for about an hour with amazing tips and takeaways that I was able to implement right away, which is a thing that I love to do. Years later, some of my business friends got together, a women’s group, and discover that she is a part of it too. 

Instantly, I remembered her and we become good friends. She is Lindsey McMillion Stemann (LinkedIn Lindsey) and she is our guest for this podcast. She is a LinkedIn expert and today we are going to learn and know more about what we can do to grow our business with the help of LinkedIn. No matter what your business is, you can propel it with the power of LinkedIn. Enjoy the show!

She shares…..

  • How to can you maximize LinkedIn
  • How LinkedIn can affect your business
  • Updates on the platform

And many more.

Check out these Highlights:

  • [03:40] How she became a LinkedIn Consultant
  • [09:25] Short History of LinkedIn
  • [11:30] What is a LinkedIn Consultant
  • [14:22] How to connect with clients and how to be accepted
  • [19:04] A way to “sell” products on LinkedIn without actually selling it 
  • [20:25] Favorite feature in LinkedIn
  • [22:57] Sample Case to determine if it will be good to get on LinkedIn
  • [26:19] How long should we spend on LinkedIn
  • [32:13] Disclaimer on using LinkedIn
  • [34:05] Lindsey McMillion Stemann’s new course
  • [36:34] Free webinar



  • “I would think your LinkedIn profile. Now more than ever needs to be updated really know how the platform work for us because a lot of people are changing industries right now and need keep up their connections. They're maybe looking forward right now and this would be a great time to really utilize that platform.” - Lindsey Holder
  • “Make everything practical, so that you can go take action.” - Lindsey McMillion Stemann

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