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Spa Skin and Beauty

Nov 10, 2020

Ladies, are you working your tail off on all those other platforms and just not seeing the results? How much traffic are you driving to your website, service, or product that is resulting in actual sales? What if you could really focus on a platform that could give you those results? 

Well let me tell you, I intentionally waited months to review our guest today, as I wanted to put her system into place, and see the results personally. Emily is my Pinterest pro guest that I'm interviewing today. She reviewed my Pinterest profile months ago and saw an increase in my views. I was just so excited to ask her to be a part of the show and we are so honored to have her on the podcast. So let's dive into this week's episode and get ready for Pinterest pinning today.

She really knows her stuff about this platform. 

In this episode, She shares...

  • How to grow your Pinterest
  • The new trends coming up
  • What your focus should be

And many more.

Check out these Highlights:

  • Emily helping Lindsey with her Pinterest account
  • Emily’s blogging journey and led her to Pinterest
  • How can you optimize your Pinterest account?
  • How can you keep up with the trends?
  • How long would it take to finish a piece of content from start to finish and to plan what to pin?
  • How and what to use in planning and scheduling pins in Pinterest
  • What is the value of having that many monthly viewers and how can they make money with it?
  • What's trending like right now on Pinterest
  • How to do your story pins
  • Adding keywords
  • Pitching brands
  • Driving traffic with Pinterest
  • Numbers falling and keeping it up
  • How to work directly with Emily


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