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Spa Skin and Beauty

Jun 29, 2021

I'm really excited about this podcast. So it's a beauty podcast as a small business podcast. But a lot of times, I don't share my faith as much as I should. And I'm really excited to be with my best friend as my guest today, Rosalynn Addis.  

Rosalynn came on at this weekend and it was so unexpected; it was very last minute. God knew the timing that Rosalyn needed to come down. She was one of my best and dearest closest friends. We've had a true friendship since 2000 in LA and it is an interesting story. Join us in this podcast and learn how God changed our lives. 

Enjoy the show!

Check out these Highlights:

  • How we met
  • Leaning unto God daily
  • “Don’t underestimate the power of God”
  • “Prayed about it. I did the best I could with what I had. Then God does the rest.”
  • How Rosalyn does her devotions every morning
  • What does it mean to read the Bible and trust God?
  • Putting God first
  • God provides
  • Unanswered prayers are answered ones
  • Speaking with God
  • Removing obstacles
  • “He guides you with everything all day, doesn't mean you're going to get answers.”
  • Someone who gives you godly advice
  • Rosalynn’s background
  • Rosalynn and Lindsey’s friendship

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