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Spa Skin and Beauty

Jul 5, 2022

When I first bought my house, I had dreams of creating a Spa Master Bathroom. I knew it would need to be gutted and redesigned and would take a lot of work and patience, but I was willing to do this. I had experience with this as I renovated my guest bathroom with much success!

You see, as an esthetician and owner of a boutique full-service day spa, my passion in life are skin and beauty products. I love them! I want to try them all and see what works and what can truly make changes in my skin and my client's skin. Therefore, a spa master bathroom in my eyes was absolutely necessary :-)

For my spa master bathroom, I wanted to have a custom built-in shelf to hold all of my serums and creams, a luxurious shower where I can wash the day off, and beautiful drawers that contain my modalities. Afterall, I run a free anti-aging skin care membership where I teach others have to have their most healthy skin possible. I love to have all of my beautiful products and modalities displayed. They bring me such joy! Oh! Did I mention lighting, gold fixtures, marble tiles, and soft closed drawers? These were a must with some of these generously provided by Wayfair. I wanted to share with you my dream space which inspires me every day to take care of myself and my skin.

A special thank you to my Interior Designer, Ashley Bagwell of Farm to French Designs:


Materials used for the renovation of my Spa Master Bathroom:

  • Paint - Sherwin Williams: Greek Villa. Trim Satin. Walls eggshell. Ceiling Flat
  • Large Tile
  • Smaller Tile
  • Bathroom Lights
  • Faucet X 2
  • Bathroom Vanity - Vanity has a 4 " backsplash; 1/2" top overhang 1 " filler strip on each side, 8 " faucet spread. NOTE: 66" of cabinetry with 2" filler strip on both sides.
    • Custom Vanity by Lowes. Washington Gay Shaker Cabinet, Square double sink, between two walls, quartz icicle topper.