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Spa Skin and Beauty

May 19, 2020

Ladies & gents, get ready! I have THE BEST see ya later, bye-bye wrinkles FAST fix for you! They are called Sio beauty patches. 

I call them GAME CHANGER. As an Esthetician, it can be frustrating if your clients aren’t seeing results right away. Sio patches can PLUMP up skin within hours and it is AMAZING to  see the wrinkles fill up so quickly after a few uses. 

I found out about Sio patches through watching an Instagram story of one of my Favorite Esthetician’s, which you will find out who that is on the podcast and quickly placed my order. I tried them out myself, then on clients, and then made my wholesale order and have had them in my spa ever since. They are a HOT seller because they work! 

This episode I talk with Sio themselves, find out the science behind the patches and learn the BEST tips and tricks to keep your Sio patches lasting longer and some fun ways to use them. 

Get ready to get wrinkle-free with Sio. 

Show Highlights:

  • Find out who one of my favorite Esthetician’s is
  • What is the story behind Sio and how it got started? 
  • Tell us what SSio can do for you and how it works? 
  • How long do you have to use the beauty patches before you  see the final results?
  • How do you clean the patches? Is there a particular cleaner to use-does it needs to be antibacterial soap?
  • Sometimes the patches get itchy. What can that typically mean?
  • Is this good for preventative wrinkles?
  • Will this aid in slowing down the formation of new wrinkles?
  • How does this work with Botox?
  • Find out about a NEW tool in the  SIO family!


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