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Spa Skin and Beauty

May 5, 2020

Welcome to episode eleven of Spa Skin and Beauty podcast formerly known as The Lindsey Holder Podcast! 

CBD can be so confusing with so many options now on the market. As a spa owner, you can imagine how many brands and reps try to sell me everything under the sun in CBD products, you name it I’ve heard it. 

I wanted to share with you my personal experience and why I started incorporating CBD into my lifestyle. 

A few years ago, my sister paralyzed me when she told me she had bladder cancer. We are as close as you can get and it was honestly a very hard time for me but I didn’t show her all of my emotions as she needed my strength and I just couldn’t even face the fact that this wasn’t something we would not get through. 

After many doctors misdiagnosed her and she was not getting better, fortunately through her persistence of going to a variety of more doctors and testing, an Oncologist finally was diagnosed with having Stage 1 Bladder Cancer. 

Through a combination of her cancer treatments (which I went with her to receive) and a complete lifestyle change of healthy eating, she is now in remission. During this time, she also dove into the world of CBD and researched all the different brands. She came across Receptra Naturals. She started taking it regularly. Her cancer cleared and the Dr. said she was doing great and was amazed how fast she got better. 

Soon after she was cleared, my OBgyn found abnormal cancer cells found in my Cervix during a routine pap smear, and I soon after I had to have a leep procedure to remove most of them. 

Another test was taken after the procedure was done there were still a few abnormal cells found. I started taking CBD consistently and also changed my diet and when I came back for my testing again six months later, my biopsy looked good.  

Although it cannot be confirmed that CBD played a role in both of our outcomes, I firmly believe it did. 

 So of course now you know why this episode is important to me! 

This episode is FULL of new information for me and I was SO excited to share this with you! Have you ever wondered what in the world is CBD? What does it do? How do you use it? 

Why is one brand better than another?

Not all manufacturers and products have the same quality control or testing, so hopefully listening to this episode will help you gain perspective on how CBD is produced and what to look for when choosing one that works best for you. 

Join me and my CBD wellness chat with Josh Richman, President, and CMO of Receptra Naturals and discover why CBD could potentially be a great addition to your wellness daily lifestyle. 

Show Highlights:

  • How did Receptra get started?  (Interesting story about the founder, Rusty in 2015)
  • Let’s get straight to it. What is CBD and what is it doing?
  • Tips on Tips on how to make it taste better
  • What makes Receptra different from other brands?
  • How do you know how much CBD  to take AND what to start off with? 
  • Can you have too much CBD? 
  • What happens if you have more? 
  • How long does it stay in our system?
  • How does it actually work?
  • Are there a lot of filler oils?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Will I fail a drug test taking CBD?
  • Are the oils tested in labs

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With over a decade of experience being both a licensed esthetician and owning her own spa with her skin obsessed sis and researcher Ashley working right beside her! Let’s listen to these sisters' thoughts, facts, opinions, and  advice on skincare and ways to optimize your health!

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