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Spa Skin and Beauty

Nov 28, 2023

As a licensed esthetician, I get a lot of questions about dermarolling, aka microneedling at home. Is home microneedling safe?How do you do it?What microneedle/dermaroller do you use?So today, I will be answering all of your dermarolling at home microneedling questions.


Organic Lip Gloss  by Toups and Co - our discount code is lapreebeauty10

Fruit Pigmented Lip Gloss 

Headache mask - Ashley loves this one! Icepack is soft and slinky and stays COLD

Microneedle and Dermarollering Tools

Discovery Set

Replacement attachment head for face

Replacement head for body

Skin prep pads

Denture Tablets for cleansing

Big Cold Roller for irritation



Facial Oils

YouTube Channel - if you want to also see the video


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