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Spa Skin and Beauty

Feb 2, 2021

In this podcast, Lindsey is talking all about Clubhouse. This episode will go over all things Clubhouse and why you need it. Clubhouse feels like being on a conference call with some of the best in the industry. Feels like being at a live video virtual conference with a Q & A session from some of the best thought leaders.

As of the day of this recording, it is Lindsey’s fourth day on the app so she has quite a way to go. With Clubhouse, you could be in a room with some of these amazing people that you admired and they were giving the best information for free on this new platform.

There are some videos out there on how to use apps, as she doesn't want to go into too much detail on the technicalities, and using the app is easier than you think. Let us learn more about Clubhouse. Enjoy the show!

She shares…..

  • How to use Clubhouse
  • Benefits of Clubhouse

And many more.

Check out these Highlights:

  • How to use Clubhouse
  • Be a part of the Town Hall rooms with the founders of Clubhouse
  • Rules and guidelines
  • Being in the rooms
  • Why you need to be apart of this app and How it can help you Grow
  • Learn secrets and inside tips for your platform
  • Networking
  • Reconnecting with your old network

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