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Spa Skin and Beauty

Jun 16, 2021

Acne podcast is our topic today on this Spa Skin and Beauty episode. This esthetician talks acne with my guest esthetician Anne Babb of Glo Skin Beauty. All products for this acne episode can be found here in our online spa store.

What causes acne?

What to do if you have a breakout?

What products do you use for acne?

What is a morning and evening skincare routine for acne?

What causes acne - both for teenagers and adults.

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Check out these Highlights:

  • What is Acne?
  • Types of Acne
  • Causes of acne
  • Some Common Skin conditions
  • Age and acne
  • How do we treat acne
  • What GLO products are best for acne?
  • Some other concerns of acne
  • How to apply skincare products and their order of application
  • New products Glo has launched specifically during this skin challenged time