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Spa Skin and Beauty

Oct 18, 2022

Today’s Spa Skin and Beauty episode we talk Botox in a bottle or Botox in a jar. Whatever way you say it, we talk about this argireline skincare ingredient!

ARGIRELINE is the magic in Botox in a Bottle and Botox in a Jar!

Join lapree beauty, our anti-aging skincare community! 

What is Argireline?

How to use Argireline.

Instead of buying the $400 cream, do this secret tip!

Also happening inside lapree beauty, our anti-aging skincare community is our new skincare secrets video - 5 ways to use Thermal Water in Your skin care!

And lastly inside lapree beauty is our Meditation Moments episode of Accepting Change.

Head to for a peek inside our anti-aging skincare community!

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Beauty Smiles~ Lindsey and Ashley